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Basically it is close to fibre and a good power supply.

Other locations were on bush blocks where this one didn't need much doing to it.

WAG say that NBNCo and the council have done back room deals and aren't happy.

I don't care how much they kick up about the tip but wish they wouldn't bring NBNCo into it. I forgot what I read now LOLIt was basically an information brochure for the council that also has the exact location of the sat station and why the site was chosen.

Also on the NBN co map they have said Carrington estate next development is going to be NBN.

Saw something really great this morning on my way to town.

So if ya notice anything to do with the NBN and our area write below what ya saw.

(Green Cable has been ideinitfed as NBN co fiber) I just don't agree with anything Telstra.

Also noticed a pipes being laid in Old Southern Road and Greenwell Point road/ Kalander street, anyone know anything about this.

I wonder if the new estate in Sussex Inlet that is currently getting built will be NBN? they hauled green ribbon cable a few months ago for that and there is a FDH near the hardware in sanctuary point.

Since the NBN fate hangs in the balance of being FTTP to FTTN then I will be voting ALP to save the NBN, I have also done my research and found out that its Neil Reilly that is going to be running for the seat of Gilmore, when I went to one of his community meetings I found out that he sat and advocated for the NBN in Kiama..

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