Urkrainian dating in victoria

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Of course, Ukrainian folk wisdom declares that the man is always the head of the family--but it is the woman that is the neck that turns the head!The starosty are members of the bridal party (the elders), usully two friends or family members (one from each side and, often-the godparents) who have a special role in the celebration.Soyuzivka can help you obtain rushnyks, icons and korovais.Unlike most western marriage ceremonies, in the Ukrainian tradition, the father of the bride does not "give away" the bride.A beautiful and sacred segment of a Ukrainian wedding ceremony is the Crowning.The bride and groom place their right hands on the gospel, exchange their vows and become married in the eyes of God.Historically, equality and teamwork has been a century-old tradition.The Ukrainian bride and groom enter the church together arm-in-arm as willing and equal partners.

Tradition dictates that whomever steps on the towel first will be the head of the family.

The newly married couple walks out of the church into the world as husband and wife to the choir and assembly all singing "Mnohaya Lita" (MNO-ha-ya-Lee-ta), "Many Happy Years." This will be sung throughout the reception, as well.

Ukrainian wedding receptions begin with a ceremony welcoming the bride and groom into the community at the entrance of the reception hall. The parents and starosty meet the newlyweds at the door with a tray of symbolic gifts: bread, salt, honey and wine.

Usually the starosty ( the elders) hold the icons of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, which are draped with a rushnyk.

The parents bless their children, wishing them a joyous, prosperous and healthy life together.

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