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According to testimony in the case, Webb was walking by the front porch of his home when he was shot in the leg with a shotgun.

It seems like a dream since the day I was transferred from the big Fleming office to take over the payroll at Hemphill, which was on the first day of January, 1930 — more than 33 years ago.Triplett decided to plead guilty to the murder charge after his arrest, but the prosecution insisted on introducing proof in a trial setting. Triplett was transferred to the Kentucky State Penitentiary at Eddyville (which opened in 1889 and is still in use today), and his conviction was upheld by the Kentucky Court of Appeals on January 17, 1938. Triplett was 22 years old when he murdered Hall, who had testified against Triplett in another murder case in October 1934.In that case, Triplett, then 17, was accused of murdering Mose Webb outside Webb’s home at the head of the North Fork near Payne Gap in late December 1933.The Dollar Tree headquarters is located in Chesapeake, Virginia.There is no contact phone number listed on the official website, but there is an address and contact form.

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