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The pastor says his sex A city pastor claims he has not had sex with his loving wife for over 10 years due to a rare health condition.

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a packet that has eight pieces in it," says Njoroge.A city doctor was busted working on a married woman inside his Toyota Noah at a meat joint in Pipeline estate, Nairobi on January 2.The doctor, who identified himself as Paul, was cornered by angry butchers wielding their When asked to breastfeed her seven-month old infant to stop it from wailing, 15-year-old Mary Akumu* picks the baby roughly and slaps it.“You people think my breasts are a cat’s that I should spend the whole day breastfeeding this thing? An older woman in this house in Nairobi’s Kariobangi, Rosemary Olela, understands that motherhood is overwhelming for the girl.She approaches the teenager, asks her to eat, The number of prostitutes in the streets is rising-This is why Away from Embakasi, live sex is rampant in various estates.

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