Ms project updating task status updates resource status

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Recall that a baseline is a collection of important values in a plan, such as the planned start dates, finish dates, and costs of tasks, resources, and assignments.

When you save (or set) a baseline, Project takes a “snapshot” of the existing values and saves it in the plan for future comparison.

This chapter guides you through procedures related to updating a baseline, tracking actual and remaining work for tasks and assignments, tracking timephased actual work for tasks and assignments, and rescheduling incomplete work.

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SETUP: Project Server 2007 SP2, MS Project 2007, SP2. Resource Units are up to 142% as would be expected. I fixed the issue by simply overwriting the duration back to 22 days. A task calendar is applied that has holidays for Thanksgiving, but of course, the task should have finished before Thanksgiving.However, planning is only the first phase of managing your projects.After the planning is completed, the implementation of the project starts—-carrying out the plan that was previously developed.Variance is the difference between what you intended to happen (as recorded in the plan’s baseline) and what actually happened (as recorded by your tracking efforts).Properly tracking actual work and comparing it against the original plan enables you to identify variance early and adjust the remaining portion of the plan when necessary.

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