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Your Social Security number is one of the keys to your financial health.

You have a higher risk of being impacted by a data breach such as those that took place in recent years at Target and Home Depot, "where a massive number of card numbers have been compromised," Johnson says.

Finally, most major card networks have instituted no-signature-required programs, which negate the need for you to sign for purchases that cost less than a certain amount, such as or .

An unwanted result Not only does the strategy of writing "See ID" rarely help, but it can also backfire on you.

According to Visa's 2014 Card Acceptance Guidelines for Visa merchants, an unsigned credit card is not considered valid and merchants are instructed not to take it. In fact, some variation of the phrase "Not Valid Without Signature" can be found on Visa and Master Card credit cards.

American Express also advises customers to sign the backs of their cards, says spokeswoman Kimberly B. Worst-case scenario not so bad Before "See ID" advocates panic, it's important to note that having unauthorized charges made using your credit card is not the worst fate you can suffer.

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