I confronted youths that were intimidating

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This question comes in other forms like: This question is sure to come up and though the interviewer asked how you dealt or solved the problem, he really wants to hear how you worked with a team of people to solve a problem.This is a problem solving question that tests your critical thinking skills and is looking for two pieces of information: Your definition of difficult and how you handled the situation.This was very disturbing and lead to a certain level of insecurity within the profession.“ Other journalists reported the use of intimidation tactics by police.Journalists who lost accreditation include the photographer Björn Kietzmann, Rafael Heygster (Weser Kurier), photographer for Junge Welt, Willi Effenberger Alfred Denzinger (Beobachter News), photographer Chris Grodotzki (Spiegel Online), Adil Yigit (Avrupa Postasi), editor Elsa Koester (Neues Deutschland) and freelance photographer Po Ming Cheung.When trying to enter a press area, Grodotzki and Yigit were told by police that their accreditation was no longer valid.This is a great question for showing that you are creative and capable problem solver.You should have at least one of these stories ready to go that will make you look good (it’s okay to brag a little in an interview), but having a few of them will allow you to further expand on the question.

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As of 4/8/2017, there were 101 verified incidents associated with Germany in the Mapping Media Freedom database.Photographers Björn Kietzmann for Weser Kurier and Rafael Heygster were also not allowed to enter the press area.Müller does not think that this treatment will intimidate journalists into stepping back from events like this in the future.In 2009, Hein's life sentence was commuted to 29 years to life.A documentary film called Reckless Indifference was made about the murder, trial and resulting prison sentences.

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