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Honestly, if you want to date online and if you want to meet other singles at some point they’re going to have to see who you are. Testimonials One of the big unique things about your profile at Zoosk is that you can have friends create testimonials for you.This is an opportunity for you to have your friends talk about what they like about you or what makes you who you are.From my point of view, I wouldn’t see using my online dating service as a way of keeping up with friends (that is what Facebook is for).That being said, it is still a nice feature to offer and if you do happen to make friends using the service keeping in touch with them is simplified.Zoosk is a rapidly growing online dating service that has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years.

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The three main sections are Story, Perfect Match and Ideal Date.Connecting Your Other Online Services Zoosk allows you to connect several of your other online services with your dating account.You can login with your Facebook account, connect your Netflix queue to the movies section of your profile and also allows you to connect the music service to the music section of your profile.My advice on this is that since icebreakers exist I would avoid winks altogether and simply use the icebreakers.I think the odds of someone responding to a wink are much less than the odds of someone responding to an icebreaker where the way you answer the question could grab their interest.

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