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(The information is this paragraph has been taken, with permission, from the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Conway Bypass, prepared by Victoria Bunker, Inc.

in 1995.) The two quarries at Redstone lie within a few hundred yards of each other and their geological proximity is considered a fairly rare occurrence.

Earlier maps and photos of the pink quarry indicate quarrying began there, further toward the southeast, and gradually moved northwest, closer to the green quarry.

The first rail line, or tramway, ran to the pink quarry.

From 1887 to 1895, the company bought additional land on Rattlesnake Mountain and expanded the quarries.

A cutting yard was established at the base of the mountain and a railroad spur connected to the nearby Maine Central line.

In 1871, the provided the stone the railroad needed.

These boulders also supplied foundation stones for buildings in the area.

Granite was also popular for memorials because of it durability compared to marble or limestone. whistle blew and the men were expected to be on site, with tools in hand ready to start work.

Visiting the area is like taking a step back in time.

Portions of two tall wooden derrick masts remain standing in the Green Quarry, barely supported by old guy wires dangling in the trees, while coils of wire cable lie rusting on the ground.

George Wagg served as president of the company until his death in 1892.

His son succeeded him and served as President until the company was sold in 1895.

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