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I heard 2 bodies slam against the door on the other side and realized that P and J must have realized what was going on. When I was a kid, I didn't actually like to be tied up myself, but I got excited watching cartoons and TV shows, and reading books with scenes where characters, especially kids close to my own age, got captured and/or tied up (I also found other sorts of perils exciting too of course, but the tying up stuck out). Minutes later, I heard 2 pairs of footsteps and heard the voices going whered they go? I desparately wanted to mmmppphhh or bang the door but C and O, sensing my thoughts covered my mouth and grabbed my hands. As he reached the side room, C and O shot out and had him tied and gagged in a matter of seconds and threw him on the ground. I think the most elaborate way I have been tied up was on my bed, with my back against my headboard.P and J walked out, but before I could get out, O slammed the door and locked it! Sorry guys its not your fault I just don't trust a man to tie me up.A hand was put across my mouth to stop me from screaming as another arm was keeping my hands behind my back. So any woman out there that is interested please email me. I've been reading these stories on here for a while and would love to be tied up. Hope to hear from you sooni had a friend her name was mersadies i was 14 and she was also but she is 5 months older then me, anyway one day we was in my room just talking about stuff and tiding up my bedroom, well i was obsesed with bondage when i was 14 (and still am) and had some things under my bed like hand cuffs, rope, duct tape (they was there to hide them from my mum) anyway we was done on evrything els and started on under my bed, i new all that stuff was under my bed and wasnt sure how mersadies would react but i thought i would just let her find them to see what she was chatting about some TV show i cant remember what one when mersadies pulled out my pair of handcuffs, she stoped talking and said cool she then asked me if i wanted to have some fun with them i said ok and she said ok stand up so i did she then handcuffed my hands behind my back she then dug under my bed a little more and pulled out some duct tape she wrapped it tightly around my legs then pulled me on the floor and wrapped the duct tape around my knees and tapped my elbows to my i was toterly tied up she bent over me and used her little finger to run up my belly (iam possibly the most tickless person ever) then started to tickle all around i twisted and turned trying to get away from her but i couldntmersadies continued to tickle me for about an hour by the time she untied me i was nearly wetting myself after my feet and body was untied i begged her to hurry up cause i was so desprate but of course that made her go slower in the end i just ran to the toilett with my hands still cuffed (i had elastic shorts on so it was easy to get them down) once i was done i couldnt get them back up so i had to beg mersadies to un cuff my hands from the door (so she didnt see anything) in the end she did and we continued to clean up my room Anyway, I'll try to give the best response I can, speaking only for myself.Something about the inability to move, combined with not knowing what your captors were going to do with you later or if you'd ever escape, and the very fact that someone would treat someone else this way, left an impact on me.- The challenge.Some kids want to be genuinely tied up for a simple "let's see if you can get out of this" game.If a prisoner is required as part of the game, some kid may be tied up, even if with just a loosely tied jumprope, for the role. We marched her upstairs and placed a strip of masking tape over her mouth and sat her in an armchair. We followed and foudn her crouched under a side table in the dining room. We dragged her out and marched her back to the living room. This time we wrapped the tape around her upper body securing her arms against her shoulder. So when I am lucky enough to find friends to play TUGs with we just take turns tying each other up and trying to escape usually timing the escape attempt.The kid who is tied up would then try to act out their role. For the next few minutes Jen is mmphing against the gag in her English accent. We kept her taped for about forty five until my bro got hungry and we unwrapped her. I applied some more strips of masking tape to her mouth forming and an asterisk. Now I guess I just enjoy the feeling of being tied up.

Some people with very complicated lives have reported feeling a "Zen-like" feeling when tied up and helpless..those were reported by adults. By now my brother had accumulated a very nice collection of climbing rope of different colors. At some point, Jen says "That's what the boys did to me! My bro and I are in the basement watching TV when Jen comes down. He's about to tackle her too but I tell him to get the tape. Jen scolds us for this failure and my bro exlains that I'm the one doing the ripping. Now its not a sexual experience for me but I would not mind if it became that way. It looks like it would be really sticky :) but I think I would like the feeling of being taped up like that.For those kids, they may lose interest in it later if they only enjoy tying up for that reason alone.- The experience. We playing checkers and I was losing, so I decided to change the rules.Kids try all sorts of new things out of sheer curiousity alone. I remembered a Dilbert strip in which Dogbert beats Dilbert at Chess by yelling "My Queen has an uzi in her purse and she slays your entire side! I take my piece and yell "He has an uzi and kills all your pieces! I marched her over to a chair and told her to have a seat.Yeah they were in asterisks because I got the socks out of my dresser, but I usuallly just wore them around the house and then put them away. Dad again, finished my homework and had nothing else to do, also, he gagged and blindfolded me with my own socks. O then went to the window and opened it while C started untying me from the chair. There was no way out except the way in, they knew it and I did. I was rebound to the pole while J got the chair treatment. He had me place my hands over my crotch, and then, used rope to fasten my wrists in that position by tying some extra rope around my wrists and then to the bottom of my bed. Normal hogtie, white Nike crew socks, some Volcom shorts and a Volcom shirt. C and O picked up my chair and moved me to the side room. O brought J and I out of the trapdoor room and we were all in the cellar. He tied my wrists together, along with my ankles spread apart.

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