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It was important to recognize that in a rapidly changing America, trans folks are looking for love, too.The trouble with Tinder, though, is precisely the thing that separates it from social-media platforms like Facebook and Ok Cupid: The app uses geolocation software to match up users with other singles in their area.Following similar moves by Facebook and Ok Cupid, the popular dating app will allow transgender and gender nonconforming people to identify beyond the binary choices of “male” and “female.” By selecting the “More” option, users can choose between 40 identities, including “non-binary,” “transgender woman,” “transgender man,” “transmasculine,” “agender,” “two-spirit” and “other.”The trans-friendly upgrade was hailed as a groundbreaking moment for Tinder, a company that has struggled with preventing harassment on its platform.Many transgender people have been historically banned from the app, which asks users to report any “inappropriate behavior.” That self-policing, intended to filter out spambots and catfishers, allowed users to file complaints en masse about trans people — even though they weren’t doing anything wrong.“‘Coming out’ is such a funny phrase but it’s what I suppose I did in a rather roundabout way, emerging to a place I‘m happy to be.Tinder took a great leap toward inclusion on Tuesday by announcing that it would be rolling out expanded gender options for users.That’s good if you’re looking for a hot date in your city on a Friday night but potentially bad for the trans community, which faces the highest hate crime and murder rates in the country.

Het werkt met ons als bedrijf samen om onze mensen onmiddellijk toegang tot de gewenste informatie te verlenen en hen in de gelegenheid te stellen de betrokken informatie snel en eenvoudig online te vinden." "Met een Qlik-kennisbasis kunnen onze studenten in de echte wereld uitblinken in data analytics."Onze visie voor onze activiteiten is dat in een 24/7-wereld boordevol gegevens, marktgroei afhankelijk is van vertrouwen, loyaliteit en transparantie.Informatie en kennis is gratis, maar inzicht is schaars.Qlik helpt ons deze inzichten realiseren." "Met Qlik kunnen we snel verslagen en dashboards opstellen om in real time marktveranderingen en productverkopen te detecteren.Zo kunnen onze verkopers onmiddellijk inspelen op nieuwe kansen en hun bedrijfsprestaties verbeteren.

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